Who are we ?

Altus Fund Management Company is a trusted, independent provider and manager of investment products, wealth management services With a clientele base of institutional and qualified investors in the Gulf and around the world, the company was formed to provide investors to achieve their financial targets securely and successfully.

Altus excels in algorithm trading driven by behavioral science and artificial intelligence in equity, currency and commodity markets. We passionately research and refine our state-of-the-art technology to differentiate ourselves. Our distributed platform automates and integrates opportunity search, execution and robust risk management, delivering consistent returns from scalable innovative trading strategies.

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Altus Feature

Best Features

Our values statement incorporates the 360degree operations of our company.

We work tirelessly continually to improve our services & solutions for our partners, making them more personalised, relevant, timely, and seamless.


Leading with best expertise and earning trust everyday.

Client Centric service

We prioritise and are client focused and uphold transparency and accountability in our relationship.

Advanced Algorithmic Technology

Applying modern metrics for ensuring high return through market neutral and capital protection strategies.

Timely and seamless Services

We always strive for higher standard service through adaptability and unique insights.

Altus Clientele

Potential Clientele Spectrum

  • HNIs
  • UHNIs
  • Institutions
  • Family offices
  • SWFs
  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Start-up firms
  • Foreign & local SMEs
  • International companies
  • Pension fund investors form our client base
Altus Fund Strategy

Fund Strategy

  • Arbitrage is an investment strategy in which an investor simultaneously buys and sells an asset in different markets to take advantage of a price difference to generate a profit. While price differences are typically small and short-lived, the returns can be impressive when multiplied by a large volume.

  • Algorithmic trading is the use of algorithms or rules to make purchasing and sales decisions on the behalf of the investor. Algorithmic trading is a process for executing orders utilizing automated and pre-programmed trading instructions to account for variables such as price, timing and volume.


Leadership Team

The Altus leadership team is made up of individuals with decades of intellectual, educational, and domain expertise.

They create and enhance the company's culture, as well as conceptualize, plan, and implement innovative financial strategies for the client's and company's mutual progress.

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